Just five years after opening our expansion we’ve begun a long-range planning exercise. But why now?

Good planning takes time

Planning is a complex, lengthy process — from 5 to 20 years — so we need to start now. We have a graduated plan to ensure that services are made available as soon as possible.

Capacity challenges

RVH is experiencing critical capacity challenges. On most days every bed is full. In fact, our occupancy rate is consistently over 120 per cent. It’s an important driver for RVH to keep its safety promise.

Running out of room

RVH’s 40-acre site on Georgian Drive is almost fully utilized and expansion is simply not possible without redevelopment to maximize available space.

Urgent needs not met

The 2012 expansion added important programs but didn’t address all urgent priorities like obstetrics, neonatal care, pediatrics, rehab, intensive care and surgical services.

Exploding population

The population in south Simcoe County is booming and is projected to have significant growth in the next 20 years. We need to bring healthcare space and services closer to where people will live and needs are not being met.

Coming soon!

RVH will be leasing 5,000 square-feet of the new Rizzardo Health & Wellness Centre in Innisfil, which is on track to open in spring-2019. We will provide outpatient services, which are still to be determined, but may include adult medical clinics (like COPD and diabetes), child and youth treatment clinics (like asthma and speech), and possibly some cancer or cardiac care.

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