Gradual Development Of A ‘South Campus’

While we complete the redevelopment and expansion of the north campus, we are also focusing on expanding services to residents of south Simcoe County, through the development of a south campus.

It is important to note that the north and south campus plans are completely interdependent and one will not address the needs of the community without the other.

This building will also be completed in stages:

  • Ambulatory centre in 10 years.
  • Add inpatient units that aren’t dependent on a 24/7 Emergency Department, such as seniors care or rehab, in 15 years.
  • Complete a full-service, acute care hospital after 20 years.

At its maturity the south campus will house 285 inpatient beds and total 780,000 square feet.

* The south campus design is placed on a generic piece of land*

South campus site search area

South campus site selection

Based on detailed and weighted mandatory and desirable criteria, along with broad community engagement, the committee will recommend a minimum of two preferred sites to the overseeing committee and ultimately this process will determine what is the right location for a south campus.

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