North Campus

North Campus Redevelopment and Expansion

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH) current facility needs to double in size to meet the healthcare needs of  Barrie and area’s exploding population.

RVH consulted significantly with staff, physicians, patients, families and residents throughout the region. That broad consultation enabled architects to develop a preferred option for redevelopment, which include construction of a large, inpatient tower on the current 40-acre site, as well as significant expansion of many programs.

The north campus design will almost double the size of RVH’s current facility and will be constructed over the next decade, once government approval is secured.

RVH is facing crippling capacity challenges and the plan addresses our most urgent space priorities. The north campus redevelopment and expansion is broken into phases to make best use of space in the current facility, build a new nine-story inpatient tower, and then renovate the space in the current building that becomes vacant as services and beds move into the tower.

The redevelopment and expansion must be carefully planned and done in stages to ensure we continue to provide uninterrupted care to our region.

The first 10 years of the North Campus redevelopment and expansion is broken into three phases: pre-tower phase (1-6 years); tower phase (1-10 years); post-tower phase (8-10 years).

Pre-Tower Phase

Phase 1 of the north campus plan includes renovations and expansion within the current building, including:

  • Fit-out of the empty “shelled” space built in the 2012 expansion
  • Significant expansion of maternal child, critical care, renal and surgery departments
  • Expansion of the cancer centre to accommodate more radiation units and clinic space
  • Linking the 2012 expansion with the original building
  • Doubling the size of Rotary Place for non-clinical services
  • Increased parking capacity

Tower Phase

Within 10 years we will complete an inpatient tower on our current campus. The design includes adding a T-shaped, nine-story, 730,000 square foot tower on the west side of the current campus accommodating more than 200 additional inpatient beds. A helipad will be located on the roof of the tower. The tower will bring the total beds at RVH to 656.

RVH At A Glance

Site of the Family Medicine Teaching Unit, a partnership with the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine.

RVH has one of the largest volunteer forces in Ontario. It’s beloved ‘Blue Brigade’ has over 600 members

One of the region’s largest employers with 3,342 employees and 471 credentialed staff

RVH is the largest hospital in Simcoe Muskoka


Patient Visits


Emergency visits


Cancer Center visits



Awarded Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada

RVH has cared for over 550 COVID-19 patients and delivered over 187,000 COVID-19 vaccinations.

Annual operating budget of $386 million.

2.5 Million Laboratory Tests

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